A Mere Female? — Who? Me?

Redwing blackbird

Redwing blackbird

I spent some of the early years of my life in the real world, the paycheck world. I didn’t run away from home, but I felt then and still do that my job should be whatever I wanted it to be, as long as I worked hard and did not make excuses.

So yes, I did leave home and strike out on my own and never looked back. It was hard, making a go of it, but I stuck it out and never regretted it, never will. When I was working, the options women had were limited. But it was the 1960s and things were different.

Bloodroot on the trail

Some things never go out of style, like those red epaulettes on the male blackbird’s wings.

Nowadays, I could get almost any kind of work, as long as I’m familiar with it, have the training for it, and work hard.

As it is, there are so many more opportunities for women now than there were so very long ago, that it seems almost old-fashioned to bring up how difficult it was to be taken seriously, even if you had the background for what you wanted to do.

Take the time to take stock of what you can do, discard what you know you’re weak at doing, and if there is room for improvement, make it happen. And if there is something you want to do, want to a lot, then lean into it and don’t look back.

You will never regret it.


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