No slacking allowed here

Lily the art critic

Lily the art critic

Yes, I put my first book into print and on Kindle. The link is there on the cover. It’s in the Kindle library where you can check it out for a month’s time. And some people will like it and some will just detest it. I know that. I accept that. It’s part of choosing to do this kind of work.

Like my dear, departed tortoiseshell cat Lily, looking at my painting of a horse, everyone is a critic. If you can’t stand criticism, you won’t do well. My criticism of my own first book is that it’s a bit thin, that I think I rushed it – which is true – and that I missed a few things that, if changed just a little, would make it a better read. But it’s short and to the point, and I wanted to get past that hurdle of putting the very first one into the very indifferent world of literary entertainment.

No matter how well you think you did on something, when you decide to publish your work, you have to have a thick skin. If you don’t, you won’t survive. Rejection is the norm, and if you follow the traditional publishing route – which I decided to avoid – you almost cannot get a toe in the door without a track record of some kind. This is why Snooki can get a book contract, but an unknown author whose book wins a Pulitzer can’t, so he takes the indie-publishing route.

The process of writing something to entertain other people is based on what we think is entertaining. When I say ‘we think’, I mean exactly that. What I think will make other people laugh is based on what makes me laugh myself silly. However, I’m smart enough to know better, so all I can do is hope that someone will find what I wrote to be as funny as I thought it was. And I tell myself, next time, I’ll do a better job… and the time after that, an even better job.


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