Well, I’m back….

Whitetail in the snow

Whitetail in the snow

That’s what Sam Gamgee said, after he returned from seeing Frodo, Gandalf, and the Elves off on their final voyage.

Oh, you haven’t read it in a long time? Well, then, take all four books out of mothballs and reread them from start to finish. Start with ‘The Hobbit’ and go from there, and no cheating by watching the movies, either. (Naughty, naughty.) Let the words on the page stir your imagination to life. I do that about once every five years. Allow yourself that little luxury, sitting in a comfy chair with good light and food and drink at your elbow, and no distractions. Get lost in the story.

There are so many, many stories to read, so many worlds to conquer, so many universes to explore, that not giving yourself the gift of living vicariously in another world through the pages of a story is depriving yourself of the wonder that you felt as a child.

I’ve had my share of distractions for a few weeks, but I struggled onward against them, no matter what. Even if I could only put a few words to a page, I still did that. You do get bogged down in the pale, grey cold of winter and being shut indoors. It’s as though there is no end in sight to it, and we’re stuck with it through eternity. And there are writers who have invented entire societies and stories based around that very idea – that winter never ends or is so prolonged that it lasts for generations. They make use of what may seem like living in a shoebox to some people.

I’ve had a few distractions for several weeks, but I struggled onward anyway, and managed to keep the continuity going, but it was just plain hard at time, and made worse by seeing bright sunshine on snow piled so high it might as well form a glacier.

Now it’s ending. However slowly it happens, winter is withdrawing – maybe by the end of March, but withdrawing, nonetheless – and before long the lawn will begin to show some green again.


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